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Why Sanitas Wealth Management?

There is a confusing array of providers who all market themselves as the best alternative to plan for your needs. Each provider has advantages and disadvantages. However, we believe Sanitas Wealth Management’s experience, coupled with independence and objectivity, are key elements to consider as you evaluate your decision.


The Founder of Sanitas Wealth Management, Jaco Jordaan, has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry as a financial planner and investment manager. Jaco’s real world experience and objective analysis provides an understanding of the benefits and costs of financial solutions, allowing for a plan design which we believe is in each client’s best interest. In addition to real world experience, Jaco has a variety of academic credentials which supports the financial planning process and portfolio construction process. Furthermore, Jaco is an Enrolled Agent with the IRS which provides consideration of U.S. tax regulations and their impact on your financial decisions. This knowledge and experience enables us to help clients of various backgrounds and needs in a holistic manner. For more information on Jaco’s experience and academic qualifications, please visit our About Us section.

Independence and Objectivity

Sanitas Wealth Management is an independent, fee-only financial planning and investment management firm. Unlike many financial advisors, we never receive any commissions, finder’s fees or any other compensation which is contingent upon a client purchasing a particular product. Our compensation is limited to agreed upon fees received from our clients. This structure enables us to remove the conflicts of interest regarding compensation and focus solely on our clients and their best interests. 

Being independent means Sanitas Wealth Management is not owned by a financial product manufacturer and there is no CEO to tell anyone they have to sell something specific or hit a sales quota. Our recommendations are outcomes of the financial planning process. Where necessary, Sanitas Wealth Management may refer you to an external provider such as an estate attorney or insurance provider. Any such referral will be based on financial need and we will never receive a referral fee or any additional compensation as a result of such referrals. This independence leaves us free to make strategy recommendations and to pick investment solutions without the conflict of interest created by commissions or referral compensation.

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