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Sanitas Wealth Management works with individuals and families in Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield and the surrounding communities. 

We typically work with clients who are in or are planning retirement from from careers as executive level employees or business owners. These individuals tend to have higher earnings versus peers and want to grow their wealth through risk-aware investing and tax efficient decisions.

Clients who are still working generally are advanced in their careers and the resulting income has allowed them to build substantial portfolios. Some are just entering peak earning years and are able to build portfolios or apply significant disposable income to other prioritized goals. It is common for clients to have substantial executive compensation packages consisting of stock options (non-qualified and/or incentive), variations of restricted stock, deferred compensation plans, etc. These clients typically use leverage as a tool for wealth efficiency as opposed to financing an unaffordable lifestyle. Clients may be experts in their field, with a desire to have someone coordinate their financial affairs. 

Clients who are nearing retirement or have retired have worked hard to build a nest egg. Their concerns are about making the switch from lucrative careers with high earnings to living off of saved capital and making their funds last without taking undue risk. Some have built enough capital to consider philanthropic goals  or gifting strategies. The focus generally turns to managing longevity risk, creating and implementing a tax efficient distribution strategy, evaluating when to elect Social Security income, and planning for risks such as long term care health events. 

Wealth management clients generally have a minimum of $500,000 investable assets outside of company sponsored retirement plans, rental properties, etc.

Standalone financial planning clients generally have assets held in company retirement plans, executive compensation packages, or closely held illiquid business assets. These clients may be on track to become tomorrow's wealth management clients, but currently are not in a position to engage Sanitas for wealth management services. 

The profiles above clearly are not exhaustive, but should provide some insight to the types of clients who typically choose to engage with Sanitas Wealth Management. The intent is to establish a trusted relationship which can last for years and decades. To successfully navigate such a relationship, it's important to evaluate whether Sanitas is a good fit for your needs. With that in mind, Sanitas offers a complimentary consultation which offers an opportunity to find out more about your needs, as well as an opportunity for prospective clients to find out more about Sanitas. If you would like to schedule an introductory consultation, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

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